Becky McClenaghan

As a Registered Nutritional Therapist, I provide personalised healthcare for my clients  by offering nutritional and lifestyle advice. I believe in keeping it simple, food is there to be enjoyed and it doesn’t require complicated recipes to get the right nutrients into your diet. Small changes can make big differences.

My aim is to empower my clients to take control of their own health, to be the best version of themselves they can be and feel great!

Before a consultation, I send you one of my questionnaires, including food and lifestyle diary, to fill out.

During consultation, we will go over your health history and symptoms, discuss each of your body systems and review your diary. I gather this information to get a good holistic picture of your health. Our body systems (digestive/neurological/muscular/etc) are interconnected so this holistic systems-approach is the approach I take with my clients.

You will leave with a personalised nutrition plan, handouts with recipe ideas and a sense of empowerment as you now have the tools to make changes happen. Sometimes follow-ups are needed to review and update your plan; or sometimes one consultation is all you need.

I also offer functional testing including: candida; gut bacteria; food intolerances, parasites; SIBO; genetic; organic acids (nutrient levels).

I am a supportive mentor in your health and well-being, guiding you to make sustainable changes.


Phone: 07789656917