Francesco Benvenuti

Francesco, is a passionate and dedicated Shiatsu Massage Practitioner, Somatic and Qi Gong movement instructor, Singing voice facilitator and Ceremonial space holder.
As a UK Shiatsu Society registered MRSS practitioner, registered under the UK Complementary Natural Healthcare Council after completing a 3 year national diploma with the East West Scotland Shiatsu School, Francesco has been  providing his professional services in and around Edinburgh since 2013.   He is also Nationally Certified in Thai Massage Bodyworker (TMB), and qualified as a Shibashi Qi-Gong Instructor (SQGI) from the Sao Bao Martial Arts School in Glasgow.

Having spent many years across Central/South America, Asia & Australia, Francesco’s training and work is deeply inspired by traditional and tribal healing traditions, energy healing methods and ancient Shamanic Ceremonies and practices. Francesco aims to bring together the latest quantum physic understanding of energy, multi-dimensionality and matter, with the latest research into the benefit and power of Touch therapy, Dance and Sound Vibration.

Francesco’s offering revolve around three main areas:  Healing Hands, Healing Music & Healing Movement. All of his work aims to enable his clients to stand in their full authenticity and to celebrate their divinity, and innate healing power as humans. He does so by sharing his gifts, and supporting people “getting out of the way” of their innate potential, allowing their essence to express its full beauty and awaken its innate healing instinct.
As a Holistic Therapist, Francesco enjoys being able to bridge the gap between western medicine and the “alternatives,” while providing a safe and nurturing environment in which to explore any “lack of ease”  (literal meaning of “dis-ease“) of the body, mind and spirit.

Francesco Benvenuti  As  “Resonance Therapies”

Tel: +44 7900117836

Email:  Contact@Resonancetherapies.Life